Empresa de Engenharia e Construções RJ
Empresa de Engenharia e Construções RJ
Empresa de Engenharia e Construções RJ
Empresa de Engenharia e Construções RJ



"We are very satisfied with your work. We had a short deadline and a date to make the difficult change, Carnival 2022. in the room within the stipulated period and we are sure that the quality of the Baggio team made all the difference. The work was very well done and the adjustments were minimal. Thank you for your professionalism during the work and especially in the post-work, which we also appreciate relevant."
Edward Wygand
Absoluto Partners
"The reform of the CHN Post-Operative ICU was challenging, as it impacted other areas in operation. Baggio met the deadline and partial deliveries well and the team was charismatic."
Luciana Rocha
"The team at Baggio e Carvalho is fantastic! At all times they demonstrated that we were in the same boat and thus achieved a great final result. The restaurant is beautiful!"
Ricardo Guimarães
Ricardo Guimarães Arquitetura
“Baggio solves execution difficulties by delivering an excellent finish to the end customer. As an architectural firm, we are calm because we are sure that Baggio will deliver the work in the best way possible."
FEU Arquitetura
“Baggio is very committed and has always served us very well in the construction of the New York City Center Shopping Canyon. He has the technical knowledge and initiative to make it happen and meet the deadline and desired quality.”
Renta Engenharia
“The involvement of the Baggio team in the execution of the Copacabana Palace facade restoration project was fundamental in achieving the excellent final result. Throughout the entire process they were interested and careful in making it work. A true partnership."
Ivan Rezende
"Everything worked! The work was carried out on time and the service provided and the quality of the final delivery were excellent.”
"Participating in a project with Baggio means witnessing the precise execution of your project, in accordance with the defined specifications, and with the peace of mind of someone who understands your work philosophy."
Studio WR Arquitetura
"Baggio was a great partner from the visits and budgeting phase to final delivery, working in a transparent, professional, ethical manner and always listening to our needs. During the work they maintained the organization and cleanliness of the work sites, allowing our operations continued normally. The normal deviations and setbacks identified were promptly resolved, without compromising compliance with the schedule and delivery of services. We hired well and, therefore, I recommend Baggio without reservations!"
B Braun
"The Baggio and Carvalho team is excellent! They delivered the project before the agreed deadline, maintaining organization, transparency and quality. I would also like to complement the organization of the budget, they stayed in line with what was agreed to while managing expenses effectively and efficiently."
Cláudio Hochman
Celeo Redes
"We were very satisfied with the professionalism of Baggio e Carvalho in the work on our restaurant! A very competent and prepared team, getting ahead of the customer's problems. I recommend it to everyone!"
André Korenblum
Maria e o Boi
"We are very happy in the new house! From the budget we saw that Baggio's partners are present and this demonstrates the care and attentive look that they would have with our work. The whole process was very pleasant."
"The work with Baggio was great! It turned out exactly as I planned. Everything went well! Both in Charitas and in Brasilia."
Studio WR Arquitetura
"Excellent end result of the work! With Baggio e Carvalho, we were able to re-engineer costs for the client's budget and carry out the work on time, even with the restrictions of the pandemic."
Pedro Suzano
PSz Consultoria em Projeto e Obra
It was a great joy to see the project realized! The Baggio team is great! We were very well attended."
José Carlos
Millennium Banque Privée
"The commitment to serve the CSSJ well and the final quality of the work make us very satisfied."
Luiz Lobo
Casa De Saúde São José
"Baggio e Carvalho is synonymous with quality, professionalism and speed. We are very happy with the final result!"
Delirio Tropical
"One word sums up Baggio: competence. It is a serious company that never seems to spare efforts to meet the needs of the project and the client."
Gustavo Salles
Salles Arquitetura
Getting to know and work with Baggio was one of the best business decisions we've ever made. The service was perfect throughout the entire process."
Marcello Poltronieri
Mamma Jamma Pizzaria
"It's a very serious company, it's concerned with meeting the customer's expectations, I already knew Baggio e Carvalho from some works and I knew they would meet the finishing touches."
Shopping Leblon
"Baggio e Carvalho works in partnership to reach a common denominator that is good for all sides involved in the work. We were happy with the end result!"
Bruno Araújo
Tallento Gerenciadora
"We needed a professional engineering company that would meet all our demands. We achieved that with Baggio e Carvalho: they always responded promptly to all our requests. We are very happy with the final result."
Cássio Silva
Fogo de Chão
Everything went well on the job, better than I expected! The partnership with Baggio e Carvalho is great!"
Chicô Gouvêa
Chicô Gouvêa Arquitetura
"The relationship with Baggio e Carvalho was very good. We felt firm and secure from the 1st contact until the delivery of the work."
Alfredo Farnè
Farné Design
It was the 1st project we carried out with Baggio e Carvalho and everyone was very satisfied: shareholders, president, director and team! The office was delivered as planned and in a very short period of time."
Equipe BHG
"Baggio e Carvalho won the competition with the lowest price among the various proposals received. The delivery of the work exceeded expectations, it was delivered on time and in full compliance with the rules of Shopping RIOSUL, thanks to the commitment and planning of the entire Baggio team involved at work."
Carine Sant´Anna
Rio Sul
"The choice of the construction company could not have been better! Resolute and transparent. With security and tranquility to solve problems from the budget to the delivery of the work."
Thiago Schmidt
Hospital Di Camp
"We found in Baggio a company committed to quality, cost control and ethics."
Guilherme Peres
GPC Consultoria
"Baggio and Carvalho served us very well! They managed to deliver on time and the end result was great."
Walter Stooss
Escola Suíço-Brasileira
"Baggio takes care of the work as if it were their home. Its professionals assisted me with everything I needed with great care and attention."
"For someone who lives outside Rio like me, when hiring professionals to carry out a project, it is essential to have confidence in their competence and professionalism in solving problems, as well as in seriousness and transparency throughout the process. I found all of this at Baggio and I was rewarded for a work of the highest quality! It's hard to believe, but this work was missed!!!"
"I've never seen attention to detail and service like Baggio."
"The restoration of the chapel was carried out successfully. It has kept its original features!"
Paulo Cezar de Franco
"I highlight as relevant points the seriousness, partnership and commitment of Baggio e Carvalho Engenharia. The agility in the solutions, the organization and the cleaning during the work were important factors for the positive final result!"
Daniele Guedes
Rio Design Leblon
"The relationship with Baggio was great and the work went very well, which was a surprise given the difficult logistics of the work with the restaurant in operation. Seeing the project executed is a great pleasure! It turned out great!"
Chicô Gouvêa
Chicô Gouvêa Arquitetura
"It's a thrill to see that the project was carried out the way we envisioned it. Baggio's way of working assures you of that. Their system is super interesting, they have organization during all stages and impeccable logistics that guarantee compliance with all deadlines. The end result is in line with the project and meets all initial expectations."
José Henrique
Studio ZEH Arquitetura
"Hiring Baggio was the right decision! The work was delivered with excellent finishing and on time!"
Luiz Menezes Cortes
LMC Engenharia e Planejamento
"Baggio was chosen as the builder of the first L'Entrecôte in Rio de Janeiro. What a wise choice! In addition to being extremely agile, the builder was extremely professional and proactive. The services and partnership were great. Today we can say that we have a great builder to indicate in Rio de Janeiro."
Stephan Steyer
St Arquitetura
"It's always great to work with Baggio, we have the same values and principles. A true partnership."
APC Arquitetura
"Three reasons make us recommend the construction company Baggio e Carvalho: compliance with the budgeted cost, the presentation of differentiated solutions before and during the execution of the contracted services; and, finally, the excellent service provided in the post-construction period."
Francisco Valsa
Portfolio Asset